Who Is Girl Mama Cooks?

Hey Y’all! I’m Nikki, a southern mama of two beautiful little girls with a passion for food.

I started cooking when I was old enough to reach the stove and counter with my Grandma. Grandma Loye let me do just about anything I wanted at her house. She made me mud puddles when we were in a drought and liver pudding sandwiches if her pantry was running low. I grew up right next door and during the summer and after school, anytime I was awake I was at her house learning her home cooking secrets.

I love to cook all kinds of foods for my little family of four, (five if you count the dog, I guess you should since he is lucky enough to get leftovers occasionally) and one day I hope to start a catering business or maybe even a food truck.

I’m hoping that this blog will help me, help others. I’m talking to you; who are struggling to find recipes that interest picky husbands, and you bachelors boogled by another night of oodles of noodles, even you college kids who need a new way to hack your microwave!

So keep your eyes peeled for step by step recipes to come!

3 thoughts on “Who Is Girl Mama Cooks?

  1. I’m very proud and excited for you. I know your Grandma is looking down form Heaven, grinning from ear to ear. Cook on, baby mine! Mama loves you!


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