Friday Favorites

Five Fri-YAY Favorites


FriYAY Favorites (2).png

Below you’ll find the tools I use and the ingredients I’m loving this week. I think the items below are the best things since sliced bread, so I’ve also included where you can find them!

My Favorite Knives :I got these for a gift this past Christmas. They are leaps and bounds better than anything else I’ve ever had. The knives come with a beautiful block, and they are proudly displayed in my kitchen. This is probably my most favorite thing of all. When I came home with these babies I was frantically searching my kitchen for anything I could chop! Thanks Mama!

Image result for almond butter members markAlmond Butter : Have you tried Almond Butter? This stuff is amazing.  AB is loaded with fiber and contains more monounsaturated fat and less saturated fat than peanut butter. I’m eating it on graham crackers with a drizzle of honey for a light snack. So good…

Flavor God Seasoning :  My favorite is called Everything, and I put it on everything. beef CHECK, turkey CHECK, chicken YES. It is such a beautiful blend of spices. It comes in  a huge container at 5.0 oz! Plus if you use the link, you get a discount-SCORE!

Bob's Red Mill Organic Whole Grain Quinoa, 16 Ounce

Quinoa : I have fallen in love with this stuff It’s a lot like rice but packs a bigger nutritional punch. Instead of using water to cook it I use chicken broth. You can use any kind of broth you like it just adds additional flavor. During the week I like to do a lot of bowls, to get in some veggies and protein and Quinoa is the perfect addition! The link included goes to Amazon, but I have recently seen this at my local Walmart!

Salmon : I have picked this up at Sam’s Club and I love it for a light lunch or dinner. It has been really muggy here lately so I love that salmon doesn’t have to be served piping hot for me to enjoy it. Never cooked salmon before? Look for my recipe to come next week, it is so simple.

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